Ensure that you have a geometry file which has multiple faces along the path you want want to simulate the moving heat source

This can be achieved by using “Imprint Face” option in Design Modeler while Extruding lines

Do remember more the number of patches you have the more better the moving heat source

Then import the Geometry into        

 Analysis Systems →    Transient Thermal

multiple patches along moving path of heat source

 STEP 02

Enter the Setup Module in Transient Thermal,

Double Click (DC) on Setup and the Simulation window will open.

Note that we are using default material properties of Structural Steel, if you have specific properties you will have to enter the same in Engineering Data

 STEP 03

In the Tree Outline (TO) of Transient Thermal, Right Click (RC) on Transient Thermal and Insert “Heat Flow”

Apply heat flow to all the patches created separately ( we are using an arbitrary value of 50 W ).


As seen above, there should be Heat Flow items in the TO equal to the number of Patches.

Now Left Click (LC) on Analysis settings and below the details of Analysis Settings

In the Details of Analysis Settings

Change the

Number of Steps = No of Patches

Since our model has 5 patches, we have 5 Heat Flow’s in TO, and Number of Steps have been kept as 5

 STEP 05

In the TO, now LC on Heat Flow for the First Patch.

Since No of Steps are 5, the load will now be seen in Tabular Format

 Now the logic of moving heat flow is that, if heat is moving, it will move from one Patch to another. So if Heat moves from Patch no 1 to Patch no 2, it should not be active on the previous patch.

So heat for Patch no 1 should be active only for 1st Step, and should be de-activated for remaining steps.

Now, in tabular data, select the Steps which we want to Deactivate (use Cntrl) and then Right Click (RC) and choose the option deactivate at this Step

The Deactivated Steps will appear Gray, while active ones will be white.

Do Remember to Deactivate the previous step for a Patch

Patch No 1

Deactivated from Step 2 onwards

Patch No 2

Deactivated at Step 1

Active for Step 2

And deactivated  onwards

Patch No 3


Do apply some arbitrary temperature value at some surfaces otherwise solution will be indeterminate

Once done proceed to solve the Transient Analysis

Check Animation for Moving Heat Source

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